Aldi plans to hire 6,000 new employees in the UK

Shopping cart from Aldi

Plans to add 6,000 new jobs in the UK this year have been announced by the German-owned supermarket chain Aldi.

As well as a number of new stores, including those in Norwich and Newcastle, the company will hire personnel for its distribution centers.

Aldi has 990 locations and 40,000 employees in the UK. Last year, it surpassed Morrisons to take over as the fourth-largest supermarket chain in the country.

In the last three months, it claimed to have gained 1.3 million new customers.

In the majority of the UK, the starting hourly wage for its store assistants is £11.00, and it is £12.00 within the M25. Employees in the warehouse are paid a minimum of £13 point 18 per hour.

The company "prides itself" on paying well and "prioritizing value," according to Richard Thornton of Aldi, who spoke to the BBC.

The cost of living crisis continued to bite, and the discount retailer reported double digit sales growth for its strong Christmas sales period.

We have acquired 1.3 million new customers in the past three months alone, which shows that consumers are prioritizing value more than ever, according to Mr. Thornton.

In the UK, Aldi has been growing its market share over the past ten years and reported investing more than £700 million in expansion in 2016.


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