With a new headquarters, Maldon Sea Salt will double its production

2010 trip by Queen Elizabeth II to Maldon Sea Salt

After having its expansion plans approved, the well-known Maldon Sea Salt Company in Essex announced that it can now double production.

A new headquarters, packaging, and distribution facility can now be found at Oval Park in Langford thanks to approval from Maldon District Council.

Salt is currently produced in Goldhanger and checked and stored there before being exported to more than 60 nations.

The business claimed to be on an "ambitious growth trajectory.".

Queen Elizabeth II on a visit to Maldon Sea Salt in 2010
Following a visit by Queen Elizabeth II to Maldon Seat Salt in 2010, the company was given a Royal Warrant to sell sea salt on a formal basis two years later.

The Wycke Hill site in Maldon will be replaced by the new location at Oval Park, and it was planned for operation by the end of this year, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

According to a statement made to the council, the Maldon Crystal Salt Company is growing to meet demand.

The company will double its production capacity as a result of recent infrastructure investment in order to keep up with this constantly growing demand.

"Once production is fully operational, additional infrastructure investment will be needed for things like storage, packaging, and distribution. ".

Maldon Sea Salt's agent, Nick Davey, stated: "The company wants to stay in the district and, after searching for a while, has decided that Oval Park is where it wants to be. ".

The council also gave the go-ahead for Tecniq, a company that designs, engineers, and manufactures high-end automobile technology.

An outline application for a self-contained business park, which the developers claim has the potential to create around 200 jobs in businesses of all sizes, was also approved at a planning meeting last week.

The existing 136 parking spaces will be reserved for the new developments, and a new 148-space parking lot will also be built.

"For me, these are iconic companies," said councilwoman Sue White. They are at a company website. We must promote security, employment opportunities, and the Maldon brand because, in my opinion, these are what Maldon is known for.

. "

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