At Windsor Castle, Grayson Perry accepts a knighthood from the Prince of Wales

"Sir Grayson Perry."

Grayson Perry, a Turner Prize-winning artist, accepted his knighthood from the Prince of Wales at Windsor Castle.

In a "burgundy taffeta" dress that was modeled after King Charles III's coronation, Sir Grayson received the honor on Wednesday.

The New Year's Honours list recognized the 63-year-old broadcaster from Essex, known for his tapestries and ceramic creations, for his contributions to the arts.

He made fun of the fact that he would now sign off messages to his friend as "Sir G.".

The artist further explained that he would only use the title on a "very formal occasion" in order to avoid coming off as pompous.

Sir Grayson, who is renowned for his eccentric fashion choices, received a CBE in 2014 while dressed in what he dubbed his "Italian mother-of-the-bride" attire.

He claimed that his most recent attire, ten years later, was more "grandmother-of-the-bride" in style.

I had the basic idea that King Charles had just been crowned, he said. "Because I assumed the Carolingian era, I sought inspiration from paintings of women from the Stuart era, which occurred in the 17th century.

"That was where I started, with the broad sleeves and the dropped shoulder. I designed it, and I collaborate with a dressmaker and a hatmaker. Our enjoyment is great. ".

For the work Claire's Coming Out Dress, which was a nod to his female alter ego, Sir Grayson won the Turner Prize in 2003.

When asked what he would have thought of the knighthood as a younger man, he replied that he was now "a blue-chip member of the establishment," something that had come about accidentally as "a by-product of success.".

Kate Garraway, alongside her parents and husband Derek Draper
While her husband Derek Draper was dressed in a blue suit and striped tie, Kate Garraway, who was photographed with her parents, wore a cream dress with a bejeweled collar.

Derek Draper, Kate Garraway's husband, was present on Wednesday as well to witness her receiving an MBE.

The presenter of Good Morning Britain received recognition for her contributions to journalism, charity, and broadcasting.

Her husband, a former political adviser, is dealing with the long-term effects of a serious, rare case of coronavirus that has left him in a wheelchair and in need of care. She has produced two award-winning documentaries and written two books about their new life.

For so long, we believed it would never happen, but here we are, she said.

"It's amazing. The sentiment "right, seize the day and enjoy the moment" is sincere.

. "

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