For special concerts, the BSO Resound and RNS Moves ensembles come together

Group Shot for BSO Resound 2023

A new piece of specially composed music will be performed by professional disabled and non-disabled classical musicians.

Bringing together their inclusive BSO Resound and RNS Moves ensembles are the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

To perform the new composition, the musicians will use easily-played electronic instruments.

They'll be presented at the Lighthouse in Poole and the Sage in Gateshead.

They will use Headspace, a tool that generates sound using head movements and breathing, as well as the LinnStrument, a MIDI-based instrument played with touch.

BSO Resound group shot
In the upcoming concerts, the BSO Resound ensemble will make an appearance.

Former trumpeter turned Headspace musician Clarence Adoo said it was "out of this world" to be a part of it.

In 1995, a car accident left Mr. Adoo paralyzed from the neck down.

According to what he said to the BBC, "I don't think anyone would have written a fiction book about me coming from intensive care at that level to be good enough to be playing on stage again with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. ".

Tchaikovsky's First Symphony will be performed along with a brand-new commission from the artist Kate Whitley.

Musicians from RNS Moves
Former trumpeter turned Headspace player Clarence Adoo now plays the instrument.
BSO Resound and RNS Moves in rehearsal at Lighthouse Poole
The concerts will include participation from the LinnStrument.

"It's been a total pleasure working on this project. It's been a really inspiring process working with such an incredible group of musicians," said Ms. Whitley.

"I'm fortunate to be involved in it. ".

Ms. Whitley "devised this brilliant new work, written for the instruments and considerations of the performers," according to Dougie Scarfe, chief executive of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

"We hope that by laying the groundwork for this type of collaborative project — ones that highlight outstanding disabled-led ensembles and performers, and commission more repertoire for them to play — we'll start to see greater inclusivity of disabled musicians on stages across the wider sector," he continued. ".

On February 22 in Poole and March 3 in Gateshead, the ensembles will perform jointly with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

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