Ryan Reynolds signs an agreement with S4C to broadcast Welsh programming in the US

Reynolds's kissing medal

Welsh language shows will be broadcast in the US thanks to a deal Ryan Reynolds and S4C made.

Every week, the Reynold's TV channel on the Fubo streaming service will feature six hours of programming on Welsh Wednesdays.

Since purchasing Wrexham AFC with fellow Hollywood actor Rob McElhenney, the actor has been promoting the language.

The scarcity of Welsh content available for American viewers, according to Reynolds, is alarming. That's over now. ".

We're so appreciative to S4C for helping to expand the audience for Welsh programming, he continued.

Don't worry, I've been told there will be subtitles for that bigger audience. ".

A deal was made with Fubo earlier this month for Reynolds' production company Maximum Effort to launch its own channel. This company produced the Deadpool movies and the Netflix documentary Welcome To Wrexham.

Welsh language dramas, documentaries, and entertainment shows will begin airing on Fubo's Maximum Effort Channel as of next Wednesday as part of a long-term partnership.

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds
In three years, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds took Wrexham from the National League's lower echelons to promotion.

According to the Welsh-language television network S4C, the agreement will generate income for the network and the production companies that are responsible for the shows and allow for additional investment in Wales' creative industry.

The opportunity to showcase "Welsh culture, language, and talent on the international stage," according to S4C's chief content officer Llinos Griffin-Williams.

She referred to Reynolds as "our adopted Welshman" and claimed that he recognizes the value of Welsh language and culture.

Dawn Bowden, the deputy minister for arts, sports, and tourism in the Welsh government, said: "This agreement is great news for Wales. It demonstrates the resilience of the Welsh creative industry and the level of interest that exists abroad in the content that is produced here.

. "

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