A Tamworth mental health charity is in danger of closing due to financial constraints

Tamworth is altered

A small mental health charity that has been overrun by NHS patients reports that it is in danger of closing because of a lack of funding.

Adults who have had suicidal thoughts are supported by Changes Tamworth, a Staffordshire-based organization.

The service claimed that numerous patients had received GP referrals to get in touch with the charity rather than NHS providers.

The charity had not received any patient referrals or pointers, according to the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT).

Throughout the south of Staffordshire, "MPFT has established a number of innovative partnerships with voluntary and community sector enterprise organizations; a total of £4.6m has been allocated in the past two years," it continued.

Changes Tamworth, founded in 2011, has assisted more than 400 residents of the town despite not receiving any state funding and needing £52,000 a year to run.

The cost of living crisis has increased demand for the charity's services, but because of its limited funding and rising bills and inflationary pressures, this has created challenges.

The charity, according to Yvonne Smith, has received several letters from medical professionals appreciating them for helping patients.

"We accept everyone who is referred to us by GPs, but our funding is not statutory. We're just a small, independent charity, and we'll never turn anyone away," she declared.

"Every day and every week is a challenge; we constantly run the risk of having to close. ".

She claimed that there was a "pandemic of mental health," but funding applications were problematic.

Julie Graham
Former police sergeant Julie Graham claimed to have received assistance for four years.

Julie Graham, a former police sergeant, claimed that she had been receiving assistance from the charity for the previous four years.

"I came here sobbing and told them how I felt while wearing my baseball cap pulled up over my face.

They have provided me with the means to at least cope, she claimed, from that day forward.

Another client, mother-of-three Sarah Holmes, said the organization had assisted her after a nervous breakdown two years prior.

"To date, we have had 128 members that the doctor has advised to go to Changes Tamworth," a spokesperson for the organization said. ".

It claimed that in addition, 28 recommendations from mental health teams and 10 from social services had been given.

There is "considerable investment" being made in Tamworth's mental health services, according to a Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Integrated Care Board spokesperson.

Changes Tamworth has been given advice on how to get funding, and we would encourage them to keep looking for it, the statement said.

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