After finding the placenta, midwives in Southampton appeal to the mother of the newborn

Scene din filmul Dale Road

After a placenta was discovered nearby, midwives at a hospital are pleading with the mother of a newborn child to seek assistance.

The discovery was made on Wednesday in Southampton's Holly Brook Park neighborhood off Dale Road, close to the Spire and general hospitals.

The placenta is human, according to tests.

The midwives at Princess Anne Hospital urged the woman to call them and assured her that they were prepared to offer the assistance that she and the baby required.

Princess Anne Hospital
At Princess Anne Hospital, midwives say they are prepared to support both the mother and the unborn child.

University Hospital Southampton (UHS) director of midwifery Emma Northover made an appeal to the mother, saying: "We are all concerned about you and we want you to get the midwifery support that you may need.

"It's important that your baby is examined as well to make sure that everything is fine and that they don't require any assistance from the hospital staff.

"We'd like to take care of you, so please come see us at Princess Anne Hospital. ".

According to the hospital's appeal, the woman could walk into any hospital, GP office, or walk-in center to ask for assistance.

Ch Insp Marcus Kennedy
Ch Insp Marcus Kennedy said police were "increasingly concerned" for the welfare of the mother and child.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary remain in the area of Holly Brook Park.

Ch Insp Marcus Kennedy said: "We don't know what you have been through, however we expect that this must be a really distressing time for you if you have gone through this birth alone.

"For this reason, it is crucial that you speak with a nurse or a doctor so that they can make sure everything is okay with you. ".

The officer also requested that anyone who was worried about a recent pregnancies, suspected pregnancies, or recent unsupported births contact the force.

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