March 13–15 will see junior doctors go on strike

staff members of the hospital ward

The British Medical Association has declared that junior doctors in England will go on strike on March 13, 14, and 15.

To make up for inflation over a 15-year period, they want a pay raise.

The health secretary "refused to attend" a meeting to negotiate pay, according to the BMA, leaving junior doctors with no choice.

Following recent strikes by nurses and ambulance workers, nearly 37,000 people recently voted in favor of going on strike.

All individuals who have recently completed medical school as well as those with many years of experience working on the front lines are referred to as "junior doctors.".

They make up more than 40% of the total medical workforce.

Junior doctors, according to the BMA union, are "demoralized, irate, and no longer willing to work for wages that have seen a real terms decline of over 26% in the past 15 years.".

They claimed that this, along with "the stress and exhaustion of working in an NHS crisis," had led them to where they were now.

"Neither the reason why we weren't given the opportunity for extensive negotiations nor the steps we need to take for the government to start talks with us have been disclosed to us.

The BMA Junior Doctors' Committee declared that they had no choice but to carry out their plan of action.

Ministers of the government referred to the union members' vote to authorize a strike as "deeply disappointing.".

According to them, the pay of junior doctors has increased by a total of 82.2% since 2019–20, and higher pay bands have been introduced for the most experienced employees as well as higher rates for night shifts.

The most recent junior doctor strike occurred in 2016 in response to a newly implemented contract.

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