The Liverpool dementia care home is still under special supervision

Miller House

A follow-up inspection by inspectors revealed that the care home is still under special measures because some of the residents were at risk of malnutrition and dehydration.

After an inspection by the Care Quality Commission last spring, Millvina House in Liverpool received the inadequate rating.

Inspectors' most recent visit revealed some incorrect medication dosages but also showed progress in the control of diabetes.

According to Millvina House, they have "a comprehensive action plan" to do better.

During the follow-up inspection, there were about 42 dementia sufferers residing at the residence.

Five residents were found to have missed or received the wrong medication, according to inspectors, while others did not get their medications because they were out of stock.

Seven more people received paracetamol without staff present, "leaving a four-hour gap, which is not safe," according to the report.

Concerns raised by inspectors about residents receiving one-to-one care who had previously been hurt when left alone for extended periods of time resulted in safeguarding referrals.

Additionally, inspectors discovered reports of staff shortages and residents who were at risk of weight loss.

Additionally, staff members complained that there was a blame culture at the Bloomcare-run facility and that management did not always take their concerns about workloads seriously.

Due to the findings, the site is still under special measures and is being examined by CQC, which may result in the cancellation of the provider's registration.

A Millvina House representative stated: "We have listened to the feedback and have a thorough action plan in place to enhance our service.

. "

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