Up to 15,000 people will be served by the new general practitioner practice in Weston

Graham Road exercise

A new general practice that is currently housed in a structure of the "worst quality" may start construction in October.

At the rugby club redevelopment, approval was obtained to erect a new structure for the Graham Road GP practice in Weston-super-Mare.

Up to 15,000 patients should be able to be accepted by the new clinic.

The site was supposed to open in the spring of 2023, but health officials were unable to achieve this due to delays in obtaining permission.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service states that NHS England has allocated £3.2 million to close and move the surgery.

"We are working toward getting onto site and starting construction in October this year," said Tim James, estates manager for the region's integrated health board. ".

A five-story building with Sirona and the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership utilizing the top three floors has been proposed in place of the original two-story building that was intended only for the surgery.

The Graham Road practice is currently housed in a Victorian building that Mr. James described as "ageing and not ideal," with 11,700 patients that include some of the area's most disadvantaged people.

Dr. Chris Chubb, associate clinical director of Pier Health, a group of general practitioners in Weston-super-Mare, said: "We have found ourselves in a situation where we have the worst estate serving a population that is more in need. ".

The system acknowledged this, which is good news, he continued. ".

The rugby club's location, which is across the railroad from the Graham Road site but less convenient, has drawn criticism from some quarters.

Transport was "the elephant in the room," according to Dr. Chubb, but parking would be simpler at the new location for the practice's 50% of patients who drive, and for the remaining 30% who walk, the distance would "mostly not be much longer.".

NHS England will receive a complete business case in April.

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