Arrival of the first new Tyne and Wear Metro train in the UK

a brand-new Metro train for Tyne and Wear

After traveling from Switzerland, the first brand-new Tyne and Wear Metro train has arrived in the UK.

The five-carriage train, constructed by Swiss company Stadler, is anticipated to arrive in the North East the following week.

Before it goes into service in the fall, it must pass testing and drivers must complete training.

46 new trains will be gradually added to the network by metro operator Nexus at a cost of £362 million.

After arriving from Europe and passing through the Channel Tunnel on Wednesday, the first train was spotted at Dollands Moor freight yard, close to Folkestone.

Four Metro drivers in front of the new-design Metro
The new trains were tested by the Metro drivers on a specialized test track.

According to Nexus, the train will be brought to the Gosforth depot where the Stadler team will test it out.

Customers won't see it being tested on the Metro network, they said, for a few more weeks.

Eight train drivers made the trip to the Czech Republic's specialized test track last week from the North East.

Interior of metro
In addition to improved access for wheelchairs, bicycles, and buggies, the new trains have linear seating.

Once the new fleet arrives, 177 drivers will need to be trained on it.

After a "technical glitch" caused a delay in its arrival, transport officials revealed it took a month for the first new train to arrive.

Stadler had acknowledged that there had been an issue with the train at the outset of the trip.

The "overall program of delivering the new Metro train fleet," according to Nexus, will not be impacted by the problem.

The new fleet should be 30% more energy-efficient than the existing stock and will include amenities like air conditioning, wi-fi, and phone charging ports.

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