Donate what you can, urges the family of earthquake victims

Smethwick's Bearded Broz

According to relatives who are gathering donations to send to the disaster area, the victims of Turkey's devastating earthquake "lost everything.".

Two earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and Syria a week ago are thought to have killed over 35,000 people.

From Dudley Wood in the West Midlands, Melodie Aslan and her father Michael Denigin are urging people to give what they can.

The local organization Bearded Broz is accepting donations at their Smethwick depot.

Mrs. Aslan, 27, claimed that although her husband Mert was originally from Adana, which is located outside the earthquake zone, he also had relatives in the Turkish city of Incirlik, which is home to a US Air Force base.

Just five days prior to the earthquakes, they had returned to the UK after spending time with family.

To bring to Smethwick before being sent overseas, she and her 50-year-old father have gathered donations of toys, baby clothes, baby formula, dummies, and blankets.

Bearded Broz in Smethwick
The neighborhood organization claimed that it had been getting "everything but the kitchen sink" in terms of donations.

Children without families live there and lack shelter, clothing, and other necessities, according to Mr. Denigin.

"We're just urging everyone to send assistance and to do what they can. ".

"They've lost everything, they literally have nothing, everything is just crushed in the buildings," Mrs. Aslan continued of the victims.

"Since they can use all the assistance possible, that is what we have been providing. ".

She claimed that her kin were using whatever fuel they could find to stay warm while living in tents.

She said, "It's just awful there; there are children in the tents, and it must be affecting them so badly, to be staying in the tents with nothing to do.

I'm aware that many children who have passed away now have no family, so I count my blessings that my family is still together. ".

Bearded Broz in Smethwick
Donations to be sent to Turkey and Syria have been prepared by volunteers.

As the number of fatalities rises, rescues are becoming less common. The final death toll is probably going to be much higher, as the UN has warned that it could "double or more.".

Bearded Broz's Imran Hameed claimed that the organization had been receiving "everything but the kitchen sink" in terms of donations and that more food and clean, gently-used clothing were still required.

He claimed that over the course of four days, the group had gathered 150 tonnes of aid that was ready to be distributed.

According to Mr. Hameed, he and his wife cried "all night long" after witnessing orphan babies being saved from the rubble.

You think, "That's a little kid, I have a little kid. It's devastating. That could be your child, it could be anybody's baby.

My heart immediately went out to these people because losing a child will break you.

. "

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