Marseille is experiencing more chaos as a result of the shooting in France


In Marseille, France, police and protesters have clashed as France struggles with a fifth night of unrest following the death of a teenager who was shot by police at point-blank range.

In spite of reports that at least 43 people have been arrested in the southern city, videos appear to show police using tear gas.

However, a significant police presence in central Paris appears to have put a stop to protests.

The funeral of Nahel M, 17, who died while attempting to elude a traffic stop, drew sizable crowds.

After the murder in the Nanterre suburb of Paris on Tuesday, chaos erupted in numerous French cities.

In France, 121 people have been taken into custody, including 37 in Paris.

After more than 2,300 people were detained during four nights of riots, approximately 45,000 police officers were stationed across the nation for a second night on Saturday.

Heavy altercations between police and rioters have been going on all day Saturday in Marseille.

Police are seen using tear gas against city dwellers in footage that has been circulating online.

The main thoroughfare in the center of Marseille, La Canebière, is shown as the scene of the clashes in the video.

According to French media, there has been fighting in the area for more than an hour between a sizable group of rioters and police.

The famous Champs-Élysée in Paris was heavily patrolled by police.

Along the famous Champs-Élysées in Paris, there were a lot of police officers to be seen.

Social media had called for protesters to congregate there, but it appears that the police presence kept the majority of them away.

The police in the capital claimed to have detained 37 people who were found carrying weapons. For a second night in a row, the Paris region stopped all buses and trams after 21:00 local time (19:00 GMT).

Elisabeth Borne, the French prime minister, reportedly visited the national police's command post in Paris to observe efforts to uphold order.

Police special forces have been spotted deploying on the streets of Lille, in the north.

Images from the city overnight showed firefighters putting out fires in vehicles that rioters had set ablaze.

Authorities informed the local media that 21 people had been detained in Lyon.

There were more than 1,300 arrests made on Friday night alone, and there will probably be more on Saturday.

Earlier on Saturday, 17-year-old Nahel's funeral was held in Nanterre.

His body was going to be taken to the neighborhood cemetery after the prayer at the mosque in the suburb of Paris.

The family's supporters warned the media to stay away. All filming, even on mobile devices, was prohibited. Mourners were told, "No Snapchat, no Insta.".

After being shot for failing to stop for a traffic check, Nahel passed away after emergency personnel arrived. In a video that was posted online in the hours after Nahel died, two policemen were trying to pull over the car, and one of them was pointing a gun at the driver.

After apologizing to the family, the officer who fired the fatal shot was later charged with voluntary homicide. His attorney claimed that he was in shock.

Nahel's passing has rekindled discussion of French law enforcement, including the contentious 2017 gun law that permits officers to use lethal force when a driver refuses to stop.

It has raised issues of racism in the force more broadly. The UN's human rights office stated that France could "address fundamental issues of racism in law enforcement" as a result of the unrest.

Emmanuel Macron has charged that protesters are taking advantage of Nahel's passing.

The violence was denounced by Mr. Macron on Friday "with the utmost vehemence," and he claimed that Nahel's death had been "unacceptably exploited" to support violent acts.

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