Media guide for Egypt

studying documents in a cafe in Cairo

Regional media heavily relies on Egypt. A large portion of the Arab-speaking world receives programming from its Media Production City, which is home to one of the most powerful and well-read media outlets in the region.

However, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), virtually all media are directly controlled by the government, secret services, or business executives with political clout.

According to RSF, Egypt is among the countries that imprison journalists the most. The ability to jail journalists and shut down websites "for sharing independently reported information" is now legal.

According to Freedom House, individuals may be detained and charged with crimes for their online and social media postings. Any website deemed to be a threat to the economy or national security may be blocked by the authorities under a 2018 cybercrime law.

The most common form of media is television. State-run regional and thematic networks are available, in addition to two state-run national TVs.

Egypt is a significant player in satellite TV. In Cairo's Media Production City, you can find the majority of the top Arab pay TV networks. The first Arab country to have its own satellite was Egypt, using the name Nilesat.

According to, there were 54.7 million internet users worldwide in July 2022, or 51% of the population. The majority of users are on mobile platforms. Popular platforms include Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Egyptians favor Facebook and Twitter for politics and online campaigning.

  • The oldest newspaper in the Arab world is Al-Ahram, a state-owned daily.
  • In English: Al-Ahram Weekly.
  • Youm7 - private every day.
  • Private daily - Al-Misri al-Yawm.
  • Al-Shuruq is a personal daily.
  • Private daily - Al-Watan.
  • Al-Misri al-Yawm's sister publication, the Egypt Independent, is in English.
  • Private, English-language Daily News Egypt.
  • Nile News, Nile TV International, and Nile TV thematic channels are all operated by the state-run National Media Authority (NMA), a domestic and satellite network operator.
  • Private, satellite-based Dream TV.
  • Satellite-based Mehwar TV is private.
  • Al-Nahar - satellite-based private.
  • Private, via satellite, ONtv.
  • Al-Hayah is a private, satellite service.
  • Through satellite, CBC is private.
  • State-run National Media Authority (NMA) runs national, regional, and outside services, including the general program.
  • Nile FM—a personal, Western pop station.
  • Arabic pop radio station Nogoum FM.
  • State-owned Middle East News Agency.
  • News portal Masrawy.
  • English-language news on Mada Masr.
  • English news on Egyptian Streets.

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