Saad Lamjarred, a famous singer from Morocco, was found guilty of rape in France

Saad Lamjarred, a Moroccan singer, performs at a concert. File picture

Saad Lamjarred, a well-known Moroccan singer, was found guilty of raping a minor in France and given a six-year prison term.

Following the announcement of the verdict by a court in Paris on Friday, Lamjarred, 37, did not respond, according to French media. He was arrested right away.

He claimed not to have raped the woman in a quick trial in a hotel in Paris in 2016.

In the Arab music community, Lamjarred is well-known. On YouTube, his popular video LM3ALLEM has received over a billion views.

The Moroccan king, who has given Lamjarred the highest national honor bestowed by his country, stepped in to pay Lamjarred's legal costs when he was detained in 2016.

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He also demonstrated how popular he remained by dedicating the first song he released following his arrest to the king, which received over 140 million views.

It wasn't immediately clear if he intended to challenge the judgment.

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