An ex-soldier from Salisbury runs seven marathons across seven continents

GB flag and seven medals displayed by Sally Orange

The "really emotional" challenge, according to an army veteran who ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days, was her "toughest yet.".

Salisbury, Wiltshire resident Sally Orange completed marathons in Antarctica, Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Madrid, Fortaleza, and Miami.

She raised more than £10,000 during the challenge for charities that support mental health.

Ms. Orange, who portrays fruits and vegetables to "make people smile," also expressed a desire to increase awareness.

The 48-year-old completed the World Marathon Challenge in 168 hours, covering 183 miles (295 km) while spending 68 of those hours in the air, which served as her only opportunity to sleep. She is the first female veteran and fifth British woman to complete the challenge.

Sally Orange with GB flag and seven medals
Although depression "can make others feel uncomfortable," Ms. Orange asserts that "people can still go on and achieve.".

A time delay required that the final three marathons be completed in just 36 hours while contending with extreme temperature changes and jet lag.

Additionally, Ms. Orange contracted a stomach bug while she was in Madrid. .

It was difficult because I was more dehydrated from crying, and I started crying at mile eight while experiencing excruciating stomach pain.

"I would tell people I was struggling, but they would go on because some people don't know what to do. It was like an emotional journey of mental health. ".

Sally Orange with a banner after completing the challenge
Ms. Orange claims that because of the "stigma," she previously kept quiet about her struggles with mental health.

She explained that it was crucial for her to be open and let people know when she was having difficulties "so they know they're not the only ones.".

"Though the world is full of all the beautiful things that can be found on websites like Instagram, life is not like that. You're only, so to speak, comparing yourself to the shop front and not to how it appears from the inside or the back, the speaker continued.

Stress fracture in Ms. Orange's foot occurred in the months before the challenge, which she said made it "difficult and daunting," but "someone told me I was lucky to have it now and not two weeks before, and it just reminded me what it's like for others," she said.

Sally Orange running
The physiotherapist claimed that although she has the tools to manage her depression, she still struggles with it.

She recalled running to two lampposts and walking one lamppost during the 35-degree heat of the Dubai marathon.

While feeling awful, she simply reasoned that some people would love to walk this and that it would help her reframe her perspective.

"I don't think I ever complained during the entire challenge because I know what a privilege it was. ".

It was also her 80th marathon overall when she ran her final marathon in Miami.

She remarked that she was now anticipating overcoming her jet lag before taking on her upcoming challenge of running a marathon in the North Pole.

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