In 2023, owl chicks were discovered under the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury

In a wooden box, two owls

A rescue facility is taking care of two owl chicks that were found under the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury Festival.

The first chick, which was given the name Axl by its discoverer, was found on stage during Guns N' Roses' performance on Saturday night.

The second girl under the stage was identified as Slash and was reported to Secret World the following day.

The owls' nest had been "clearly abandoned due to the noise and disturbance," the center claimed.

The first chick, which was moved from RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife to Secret World in Highbridge, Somerset, was discovered beneath the stage left steps of the Pyramid Stage during the Guns N' Roses headlining performance on June 24.

After the band's lead singer Axl Rose, he was given the name Axl.

At the rescue facility, Axl and Slash—both named after the band's guitarist—are currently housed in an outdoor aviary.

The chicks were doing well, despite being "a little camera shy," according to a spokesperson.

They continued, "No indications of them displaying their musical talent as of yet though!".

It was "possibly the most unusual disturbance case we've heard about this year," according to Secret World's fundraising manager David Plant, but it just goes to show how important it is to check your surroundings for wildlife before engaging in any activity.

He continued, "I'm sure Guns N' Roses didn't realize how close they actually were to wildlife when they were playing 'Welcome to the Jungle'!".

Axl Rose sings while Slash plays his guitar on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury
On Saturday of Glastonbury, Guns N' Roses performed as the main act on the Pyramid stage.

When the land is used again as a dairy farm, the Pyramid stage frame is left in place all year.

Mr. Plant observed, "Clearly a pair of little owls thought it would be a great place to make a nest.".

They are a cavity-nesting species that prefers old tree holes, but they have also been observed to nest in rabbit holes and do well in artificial nest boxes, the man said. ".

It's hard to say how long the chicks were abandoned because it appears that the parents sadly left their nest once festival preparation started.

"We're so appreciative of the individuals who located and assisted them. After listening to loud music for almost two whole days, they must have been terrified. ".

The rescue group is preparing to release the owl chicks back into the wild when they are old enough.

According to Mr. Plant, it will give them the chance to experience some "November rain."

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