Leeds exhibition reveals the filthy secrets of Yorkshire's sewers

Toy Pepper Pig wrapped in tissue paper

Examples of the "truly disgusting" objects that have clogged Yorkshire's sewers have been displayed by the company that deals with them.

To "demystify what causes blockages," Yorkshire Water said, the so-called Cabinet of Curiosities was established at Trinity Leeds.

Frisbees and frying pans have been displayed alongside "usual suspects" like fatbergs and grease.

Unflushable items had developed into a "high-end artform," the company added.

Frying pan and frisbee found in sewer
According to Yorkshire Water, this frisbee and frying pan were the culprits behind one blockage in Bradford.

Director of wastewater at Yorkshire Water, Ben Roche, stated that visitors had learned about "a small portion of the world our wastewater team deals with on a daily basis.".

As he noted, "Blockages are expensive to remove, cause unpleasant flooding, and harm the environment, so knowing what you can and can't flush is important.".

Boot and other items found in sewer
The company claimed that boots, tires, and other "foreign objects" had been removed from the Stainforth pumping station.

According to Mr. Roche, the exhibition featured some of the truly "stomach-turning and unusual items" discovered by Yorkshire Water's blockages team, such as boots and cuddly toys.

You might be shocked to learn what makes its way into our pipes, he added.

The company released new images in June 2022 that were taken by its teams as they were removing fatbergs from a Hull sewer.

The horrifying photos demonstrated how sanitary napkins and wet wipes can clog pipes.

Yorkshire Water claimed to have expended "millions" of pounds clearing obstructions.

Cabinet of spectacles next to Fatberg on display in Leeds
Visitors could see some of the more peculiar items discovered in addition to wipes and fatbergs, like spectacles.

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