The English Channel is illuminated by an asteroid

Above homes is an asteroid

The sky over the English Channel was illuminated by a small asteroid that entered the Earth's atmosphere, producing an amazing shooting star effect.

On Monday morning, just before 03:30 GMT, a 1 m (3 ft) meteoroid, also known as a small asteroid, was spotted.

Some social media users from the south of England shared videos of the rock, known as Sar2667.

It is only the seventh time that an asteroid impact has been foretold.

It was described in a tweet by the European Space Agency as "a sign of the rapid advancements in global asteroid detection capabilities!".

The asteroid "lit up the sky with a pink flash which was spectacular," according to someone who claims to have seen the event and posted on Twitter. ".

One more stated: "I simply turned on my phone while standing at my window. It was much better than I had anticipated. ".

In a previous statement, the agency stated that the object was anticipated to "safely strike" the earth's atmosphere close to the French city of Rouen.

The object would have entered about 4 kilometers (2 miles) from the French coast, according to the International Meteor Organization, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Belgium, and would have produced a "fireball" effect.

Small, rocky asteroids, which are frequently referred to as minor planets, orbit the sun.

Although the actual number of asteroids is thought to be much higher, authorities are aware of more than 1.1 million of them.

According to the European Space Agency, about 30,600 of them are in an orbit that brings them close to our planet.

In November of last year, observers in Ontario, Canada, observed the last asteroid that had been foretold to enter the Earth's atmosphere.

An asteroid the size of a minibus that was headed straight for Earth in January.

The rock would have likely exploded high in the atmosphere before impact in reality.

Experts in asteroid detection are most concerned about "goldilocks asteroids," much larger space rocks that could cause significant harm to earth if they collide.

The American space agency NASA announced the results of its successful experiment to divert an asteroid's course in October.

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