To surrender their pets, thousands of people called an animal welfare hotline

cat with an empty bowl

More than 4,000 calls from people looking to surrender their pets, according to a charity for animal welfare.

The annual figure, according to the Scottish SPCA, has tripled in just one year since 2021.

The charity claimed that the rising cost of living was to blame, and the majority of people who called its helpline cited financial problems, such as veterinary expenses.

According to the article, some people had to decide whether to feed their pets or themselves.

According to the Scottish SPCA, this past year was among its most difficult ever.

Kirsteen Campbell, the chief executive, said: "We witnessed firsthand how people were forced to make the heartbreaking decision to euthanize their pet or choose between feeding themselves or their animal.

"Keeping a human and a pet together is the best thing for an animal's welfare, and this crisis is primarily focused on achieving that goal. ".

In August of last year, the Scottish SPCA debuted Pet Aid. To help those in need, the service partners with neighborhood food banks and nonprofit organizations.

Its animal rescue officers responded to 86,078 reports in the past year, or more than 235 per day.

The puppy trade, illegal dog ear cropping, animal fighting, and badger baiting were all the subjects of 124 investigations, 52 investigations, and 72 investigations, respectively.

4,908 wild animals were treated at the nonprofit's National Wildlife Rescue Centre, and 74% of them were successfully returned to the wild after treatment.

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