Voters at universities favor plant-based catering

campaigning among students for vegan catering

Voters at the University of Kent favored switching the catering establishments' menus to plant-based options.

In a vote that could affect 16 outlets, more than 450 students decided to pressure university-run catering facilities to switch to entirely plant-based food by 2027/28.

The largest turnout in the organization's history, according to Kent's Student Union.

This is a crucial step in addressing the climate crisis, according to union president Zaid Mahmood. ”.

According to Chris Chudley, a representative of Plant-Based Universities Kent, "Our campaign will maintain its presence, continue to lobby the university, and take non-violent, direct action where necessary to ensure the student vote is respected. ".

The climate crisis must be addressed jointly, Mr. Mahmood continued. ”.

Following student votes requesting vegan menus at universities in London, Cambridge, Stirling, and Birmingham, the action was taken.

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