Ezra Miller: The Flash actor 'grateful' after harassment order ends

Ezra Miller attends the "The Flash" world premiere in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, in the United States. S....

Actor Ezra Miller expressed his "encouragement" and "gratitude" following the termination of a temporary restraining order brought by the mother of a 12-year-old.

The woman is said to have made accusations about inappropriate behavior, leading to the Flash actor receiving the harassment prevention order last year.

Miller had "made mistakes" in the past, but these accusations, according to the actor's attorney, were "false.".

It was an "egregious misuse of the protective order system," according to Miller.

The Daily Beast reported that the order was put in place last year after Miller allegedly shouted at the child's adult family members and neighbors and engaged in other actions that made the child feel uneasy, such as paying them undue attention.

Miller's attorney Marissa Elkins released a statement following a court appearance on Friday, claiming that the actor "never interacted with the child outside of two brief encounters that occurred in the presence of several other adults" and was "never alone with the child.".

It was one of several accusations and legal problems the actor had to deal with in the previous 18 months. Miller, who prefers the pronouns they/them, started receiving treatment last August for "complex mental health issues.".

In the midst of their struggle, they made mistakes and occasionally acted in ways they wish they could go back and change, Ezra does not deny, according to Elkins.

That does not, however, prove that every rumor, false accusation, or allegation is true. When statements like these are carelessly amplified, without regard for the truth or the facts, there are real-world repercussions.

These unfounded accusations, which were spread by dishonest media, have endangered Ezra's recovery and seriously harmed their reputation and careers. ".

"I'm encouraged by today's outcome and very grateful at this moment to everyone who has stood beside me and sought to ensure that this egregious misuse of the protective order system was halted," Miller wrote in a statement on Instagram. ".

Miller criticized the mother of the child and claimed that they had been "unjustly and directly targeted.".

"On a personal level, I want everyone to know that I'm still trying to maintain my own wellbeing and doing what I can to undo the collateral damage this experience has caused for me and those who are close to me. ".

In the DC Comics superhero movie The Flash, which came out last month, Miller played the lead role. Its box office earnings in North America, which totaled less than $100 million (£79 million) in three weeks, are generally viewed as disappointing.

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