Family leaves hotel on foot in search of safety after Rhodes fires

The sky has a red glow, with a hotel in the background

A father of two children described how his family evacuated their hotel at night and then left on foot.

With his wife and two kids, ages seven and eleven, Nick Stafford arrived late last Wednesday on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Their hotel, the Gennadi Grand Resort, was evacuated on Friday night.

Mr. Stafford, age 40. claimed that they only brought what they could carry and that their destination was a resort seven kilometers (4 points 3 miles) away.

The family from Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, claimed that a local offered them a ride after they had walked roughly halfway to their destination.

Father of two Nick Stafford
Nick Stafford described the experience as "stressful.".

"We ended up staying in a different hotel close to the coast, where we shared a hard floor with hundreds of other guests. ".

The family tried the Faliraki evacuation center the following day, but it was already full. Once in Rhodes Town, they found a room for the night after boarding a public bus there.

Monday, Mr. Stafford made an effort to retrieve the rest of their belongings by going back to the first hotel they stayed at.

But he claimed that by the time they were 10 minutes away from the hotel, "the situation had worsened," the hotel had once more been evacuated, and they had been "turned around by the police.".

Everyone is in the same boat, so it has undoubtedly been stressful, he said. "It's pointless to become angry. ".

The four-person family was hoping to return to Gatwick Airport late on Monday night on a British Airways flight.

British Airways released the following statement: "Our teams have been working round-the-clock to support our customers in Rhodes and have been in contact with them constantly to provide assistance.

We regret the difficult circumstances and are happy to have rebooked the family on the first flight we have been operating from the island since the weekend.

. "

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