Holidaymaker finds hotel closed before leaving UK after Rhodes fires

Brian Ryan

A traveler claimed that when he arrived in Rhodes after a fire, he discovered that his hotel had been evacuated hours earlier.

On Saturday, Worcester resident Brian Ryan arrived to discover that his hotel had closed "a few hours" before he left the country.

Despite the fact that his hotel was close to the affected area, he claimed that TUI, a travel company, had not informed him of the fires.

The safety and well-being of customers and team members remained the top priority, according to a TUI spokesperson.

They continued, "We'll continue to work with the pertinent authorities to do everything we can to support and are developing plans to get customers home.

The travel agency also stated that all flights to the island were canceled until Friday.

Brian Ryan
From TUI representatives, Worcester resident Brian Ryan claimed to have received "no information.".

As firefighters fight to put out massive wildfires, an estimated 19,000 people in Rhodes have been compelled to leave their homes.

As hundreds of people tried to flee the flames, Mr. Ryan and his family arrived on the island from Bristol Airport to find "absolute chaos.".

When he arrived, he was informed that because his hotel was a mile from the fire and had been evacuated, he was unable to go there.

The hardest part of the situation, according to him, is that although we boarded the plane in good faith, we were unaware of what was taking place overseas.

"We began hearing accounts of what occurred at our hotel and many other hotels, where guests were reportedly told to leave immediately. ".

Coaches were used to transport Mr. Ryan and his family to a stadium and then to another hotel.

He claimed, however, that TUI representatives had provided him with "no information," and that if he had known that his hotel was impacted, he would not have boarded the flight.

He continued, "We would still be in the UK watching from a distance if that information had been provided to us.".

Tim Catley
Tim Catley was on vacation in Lardos when he received word that his family had to leave the hotel.

Many tourists are still in limbo as thousands of people are being forced to flee Rhodes by land and sea.

Flights to the island have been canceled by a number of tour companies.

Tim Catley, a resident of Solihull, was on vacation with his partner and three kids in the village of Lardos when he received a text advising them that they needed to leave.

He reported finding "utter chaos" and "hundreds" of people waiting outside for coaches when he returned to his hotel.

He told BBC WM that as they were leaving, the area was engulfed in smoke and covered in ash.

Eventually, Mr. Catley claimed, he was able to speak with TUI representatives, but he was informed that "at this time," no alternative lodging was being offered.

He has reserved a flight home from the island for Monday after securing short-term housing through a local residents' organization.

Devastation left after wildfires in Rhodes
Wildfires have spread across the island as a result of wind and high temperatures.

The island needs all the assistance it can get, he continued, given the current state of affairs.

"They're still attempting to contain it, but it's currently out of control. ".

Natalie Woods, a resident of Warwick, claimed that her sister Kaylee and her nephews were vacationing in Rhodes after receiving assurances that their travel was "perfectly safe" at the airport.

The family, who are from Radford in Coventry, arrived on the island on Wednesday by plane.

Ms. Woods claimed that her family had questioned TUI agents about the trip's safety while they were at the airport.

She told BBC CWR, "They were told it was perfectly safe, that was their words.

Airport in Rhodes
At the airport, hundreds of tourists are awaiting flights back to the UK.

After hearing that the fire had moved, the family, who had been evacuated from the hotel, has since returned.

"It's been a terrible, traumatizing 48 hours," Ms. Woods continued, "but the most important thing is that they're safe and healthy.".

There may be up to 10,000 Britons on the Greek island, and more flights for their return are scheduled.

To attend a cousin's wedding, Andrew and Emily Brittan, who are from Tamworth, Staffordshire, flew out to Rhodes on Saturday.

The newlyweds had intended to take their honeymoon to the Pefkos resort, but were instead driven by coach to an evacuation camp.

Mr. Brittan, a warehouse worker, who is 27 years old, said the locals were responsible for their access to food and beverages.

Just after 9:00 BST on Monday, they returned to Birmingham Airport.

Mrs. Brittan claimed to have experienced "all the emotions," including relief that the couple was safe as well as sadness that they were unable to enjoy their ideal honeymoon.

Fires in Rhodes (from a plane window)
From their plane, Andrew and Emily Brittan had been able to observe the fire.

TUI's teams on the island are making every effort to help TUI visitors, the company's spokesperson continued.

"More than 300 representatives, drivers, and service team members are doing everything in their power to assist where they can, collaborating with the amazing local community and emergency services.

. "

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