After a drunk driving accident, the justice minister in New Zealand resigned

NZ justice minister Kiri Allan

The justice minister of New Zealand has resigned with immediate effect after failing a breathalyzer test for alcohol following a car accident.

The 39-year-old Kiri Allan was accused of reckless driving and resisting arrest.

Prior to the elections scheduled for October, she is the fourth minister in Prime Minister Chris Hipkins' cabinet to resign since March.

The crash, which happened on Sunday night in Wellington's capital, was not said to have caused any casualties.

The former minister was detained at a police station after being arrested for four hours before being let go. She will show up in court at a later time.

Ms. Allan, who Mr. Hipkins claimed was experiencing "extreme emotional distress," will continue to serve as a member of parliament for the time being.

In a press conference, the prime minister stated, "She understood that maintaining her ministerial warrant was untenable, particularly for a justice minister to be charged with criminal offending.".

Ms. Allan, who served as the minister for regional development, conservation, and emergency management, recently took time off for "personal difficulties" and didn't start working again until last Monday.

She confirmed their breakup last month and is also being accused of having strained working relationships with staff members.

Ms. Allan said in a statement on Monday that she had returned to the legislature in the belief that she could balance personal challenges with her work.

She claimed, "My actions yesterday show I wasn't okay, and I will think about my future in politics.".

Ms. Allan was once thought of as the Labour party's darling. Jacinda Arden, the former prime minister, resigned from her position earlier this year before Mr. Hipkins took over, and she was even predicted to succeed her.

Her resignation is the most recent development in Mr. Hipkins' own party during a period he acknowledged as "messy.".

Michael Wood, the minister of transportation and immigration, resigned in June after failing to disclose a potential conflict of interest involving stock ownership. Meka Whaitiri, the minister of customs, had changed parties a month earlier.

Stuart Nash, the police minister, was fired in March of last year after it came to light that he had given donors confidential information.

According to a poll conducted in April, the Labour party, which is center-left, and the National party, which is the main opponent, will compete closely in the upcoming election.

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