Millions of people are drawn to the struggling Ramsgate bookshop

Ramsgate's Book Bodega customers

After an independent bookshop owner claimed she was unable to pay her bills, celebrities stepped in to help.

Sapphire Bates, the proprietor of Book Bodega in Ramsgate, announced online that she needed £800 by Tuesday to pay bills after a very slow few months.

Ian Rankin and Sue Perkins both left encouraging comments on her tweet, which has received more than 3.2 million views.

It's been a very, very quiet winter, and we haven't made much money, according to Ms. Bates. .

It has really been difficult for us to try to pay our bills week after week, she admitted to the BBC. ".

In the coming days, she stated, are the shop rent, wholesaler bills, staff expenses, and fuel bills.

On Twitter, comedian Sue Perkins urged her followers to support the bookstore.

Ian Rankin, a crime writer, tweeted that he supported the bookstore.

In a subsequent tweet, Ms. Bates wrote: "Thank you Booktwitter for all your love and support. ".

She acknowledged that she and her bookstore were "very, very grateful" for all the assistance.

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