The foundation claims that touring masterworks aims to increase accessibility to great art

Surprised by the artwork is a child

A foundation announced that works by Turner and Constable will be taken on a 10-week tour of town halls, museums, and libraries in an effort to "make great art accessible to everyone.".

The Radical Landscapes exhibition tour Merseyside will include a stop at the Art Explora (AE) Mobile Museum.

the "divide between those who go to museums and those who do not," according to founder Frederic Jousset.

Up until April 29, the pieces will travel and stop at different locations.

According to a Tate representative, the tour is anticipated to "offer a first encounter with art to groups of schoolchildren and young people throughout the region as well as community groups, care home residents, and adults from all backgrounds.".

According to what was stated, after receiving a tour, groups would be "invited to join creative workshops, to participate themselves in this artistic adventure and share a memento with their families.".

Trailer holding art exhibition
For its 10-week tour, the exhibit will be kept in a trailer that has been modified specifically for it.
Children consider an artwork
The organizations will be encouraged to "participate themselves in this artistic adventure," according to Tate Liverpool.

The traveling exhibition will feature pieces by Jeremy Deller, John Nash, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Turner, and Constable.

Jousset stated that AE's goal was "to make art accessible to everyone.".

The social gap between those who visit museums and those who do not, he said, "remains despite the best efforts of museums everywhere.".

By bringing art to new communities and fostering artistic encounters in unexpected locations, Art Explora is attempting to close this gap. " .

The mobile museum was "a wonderful way to present our national collections to new audiences [and] show that art can be discovered on your own doorstep," the speaker continued.

Helen Legg, the director of Tate Liverpool, expressed the gallery's excitement to collaborate with AE "on this UK first, which will enable us to continue engaging with people throughout the Liverpool City Region. in a creative manner.".

Over 500 students will benefit from this project. and continues Tate's mission to broaden the use of museum spaces as learning environments while highlighting the value of creative learning and providing young people with access to the arts, she added.

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