94 well-known dissidents lose their citizenship to Nicaragua

On January 8, 2019, Managua-based "El Hilo Azul" Literary Magazine hosted a discussion in which Nicaraguan author ...

94 Nicaraguan dissidents had their citizenship revoked by a court.

Award-winning author Sergio Ramrez, poet Gioconda Belli, and Catholic bishop Silvio Báez are among those branded as "traitors to the fatherland.".

The 94 are all vocal opponents of President Daniel Ortega, who is serving his fourth term in office.

After 222 government critics had their citizenship revoked last week, they are the second group of people to have their citizenship taken away.

Legal experts have referred to the action as a breach of international law.

The 94, according to Judge Ernesto Rodriguez, committed "crimes against the peace, sovereignty, independence, and self-determination of the Nicaraguan people.".

He continued, "In light of these facts, the Accused can no longer be considered Nicaraguan Citizens, and their properties in Nicaragua will be confiscated.".

Numerous people on the list of 94 are expats. Although many of them left Nicaragua before being charged, the judge still referred to them as "fugitives from justice.".

One of those people who has been living in exile in Spain is author Sergio Ramrez, who received the Cervantes Prize for literature in 2017.

Former close ally of President Ortega, Mr. Ramrez served as the president's vice-president from 1985 to 1990 during the president's first term in office.

However, in 1995 he left the Ortega-led Sandinista Party in protest of what he called Mr. Ortega's "autocratic tendencies.".

In the midst of a wave of opposition activist arrests, Mr. Ramrez left Nicaragua in June 2021. Three months later, he was charged with stirring up animosity and planning to undermine Nicaragua.

A former Nicaraguan ambassador who had previously called his own government a dictatorship and had been residing in the US as well as the Auxiliary Bishop of Managua, who has been residing in Miami for almost three years, were also stripped of their nationality on Wednesday.

According to Judge Rodrguez, they committed "criminal acts to the detriment of peace, sovereignty, independence, and self-determination of the Nicaraguan people.".

These facts make the accused no longer qualify as Nicaraguan citizens, he continued.

Nicaragua was urged to "immediately cease persecution and retaliation" by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' office in Central America.

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