Funding increase for housing homeless refugees in Shropshire

developing a home

A boost of almost £3 million will increase the amount of housing available to refugees in Shropshire.

According to Shropshire Council, it intends to use the money to purchase 10 new homes for families who have emigrated from Afghanistan.

Homes with two to four bedrooms are anticipated to be completed by March.

The Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy or the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme will make them available to participants.

At a meeting in March, council members approved spending £7,106 on as many as 30 homes for Ukrainian and Afghan refugees, including £3,022 from the government's Local Authority Housing Fund's first round of funding.

The authority has now received £1 point 2 million from round two of the fund, according to a report to councilors.

This will be matched with £450,000 from funds obtained from housing developers and £970,000 in borrowing.

Nine of the extra homes will be made available to families currently staying in West Midlands bridging hotels, and the remaining home will be used as temporary housing.

Once the immediate need for housing refugee families has subsided, all 40 homes from both rounds of the program are expected to be utilized to relieve wider homelessness pressures.

At a meeting the following week, councilors will be asked to support the plan.

Although Shropshire does not have any bridging hotels for Afghan refugees, families are currently being housed elsewhere in the West Midlands, and Mark Barrow, director of place, stated that "it is important for the council to assist where possible in providing settled accommodation."

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