Pocklington: Iron Age shield's first public display

Iron Age shield

Following its discovery in East Yorkshire in 2016, an Iron Age shield will be put on display for the first time.

The shield, horse skeletons, and the wreckage of a chariot were discovered at a high status burial in Pocklington, along with the shield. .

It is thought that some of the site's components date to around 800 BC.

At the official publication of a new book about the discoveries in Pocklington, the shield will be on display.

In the same burial site as the shield, chariot and horse skeletons were discovered.

A large grave containing the skeleton of a man who had been "very revered" and had likely lived between 220 and 300 BC was where the bronze shield was discovered, according to Paula Ware of MAP Archaeological Practice.

The man, who was interred alongside two ponies and a chariot, was laid on the shield as part of an elaborate Iron Age ritual, according to Ms. Ware.

"It exceeded all expectations," she continued, "and we didn't realize just how spectacular the shield was until about 18 months after a period of conservation.".

After being displayed at the book launch on Thursday, the shield will be put on temporary display at Malton Museum in April.

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