We'll talk about River Severn pollution

a water pipe that empties into a river

After activists demanded action, a meeting is being held to discuss pollution in the River Severn.

Several environmental organizations have lined up to speak, and it has been organized by the Shrewsbury Town Council.

The former singer of the Undertones and well-known environmental activist Feargal Sharkey are both invited, as is the town's MP Daniel Kawczyski.

The campaign group Up Sewage Creek's Jane Asterley-Berry expressed her appreciation for the authority taking on the problem.

The council is starting to take control of the situation, she said, and that starts today.

The government needs to "get a better grip of this situation than they have done already," according to her group, which has demanded an end to the discharge of sewage into the river.

She is opposed to combined sewage overflows, which are released into rivers during periods of heavy rain in towns like Shrewsbury to prevent sewage from backing up.

Combination sewer overflows, according to the government, "are a necessary part of the existing sewerage system, preventing sewage from flooding homes and businesses," and they will be closely regulated starting in 2020.

250 people are expected at the meeting on Monday night at Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn, and it was called at the request of town councilor Kate Halliday, who was commended by Ms Asterley-Berry for taking the initiative.

The town council declared that after the meeting, it would consider potential next steps.

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