Inflation: A 40% premium increase in auto insurance causes "shock."

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According to a comparison website, drivers are in for a "shock" as insurance premiums have increased by 40% from the previous year.

According to research by Cardiff-based Confused . com, the record rise in costs is the result of more claims being filed and pricier repairs.

Steve Dukes, the company's CEO, claimed that some drivers had already experienced "hefty increases in their premium.".

The average cost of auto insurance is now £776 per year, up £222 from the previous year and the highest amount ever.

The announcement comes as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that inflation in the UK fell to 7.9 percent in the year ending in June.

Previous data indicated that in April and May, inflation remained unchanged at 8 point 7 percent.

Steve Dukes, CEO of Confused . com
Steve Dukes, the confused CEO of a . com, claimed that some drivers will be "surprised" by their renewal costs.

Car insurance rates have increased as a result of an increase in claims since the Covid restrictions were loosened as well as the rising cost of auto repairs and new vehicles.

The Association of British Insurers reported last month that the cost of auto repairs rose by a third over the course of a year to £1.5bn, the highest amount recorded since the organization started compiling data in 2013.

According to Mr. Dukes, his price comparison company is experiencing "much higher rates of shopping around," and drivers who are struggling with skyrocketing insurance renewal costs do have options.

from Confused . com CEO Steve Dukes.

  • Use price comparison websites to comparison shop.
  • Three weeks before your renewal is due, start looking.
  • Verify that you are not being charged for more mileage than you anticipate using.
  • If you are a young or inexperienced driver, add a named driver with more experience.
  • Boost your voluntary excess, but make sure you could pay it if you ever needed to file a claim.
  • If you can, pay for your auto insurance annually. Insurers charge interest if the payment is spread out over a year.

Renewal costs for those who require motor insurance for their businesses have also seen significant increases.

Despite the rising costs of operating his business, ice cream vendor Owen Herbert has maintained the price of his cheapest Cornetto at £1.

It did surprise me, said Port Talbot resident Mr. Herbert.

"In my experience, when you renew your insurance, the cost typically decreases, especially if you haven't filed any claims.

Even when you visit comparison websites, the price is still higher than what we were paying the previous year. " .

Owen Herbert, ice cream van man
When he raises his prices, ice cream vendor Owen Herbert claims he encounters "quite a lot of anger" from customers.

Mr. Herbert has to deal with rising costs for ingredients and sauces in addition to insurance costs, and high fuel prices have long been a source of worry.

Some of his costs had to be passed on to his clients, and not all of them were sympathetic.

The adults irritate me quite a bit, Mr. Herbert said.

"I'm the one who gets it in the throat if they arrived at the van with four or five kids and notice an increase.

"In contrast, the large energy or oil companies are invisible to the public. You are unable to voice your complaints to them directly.

. "

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