75-year-old Surrey NHS employee celebrates the organization's 75th birthday

Mr. Mike Furness-Jones

A 75-year-old NHS employee is taking part in the festivities to mark the milestone anniversary of the medical system.

In July 1947, the year before the NHS was established, Mike Furness-Jones, an administrative assistant in ophthalmology based in Surrey, was born.

His mother had to pay one and sixpence for a midwife because she just missed out on receiving free healthcare to deliver her new baby.

Mr. Furness-Jones expressed his pride in serving the NHS.

"I'm doing my part to improve people's lives if I can help the dedicated nurses and doctors in some small way every day," he said.

Before making a career change in 2020, the former manager of services for people with learning disabilities also worked on a Guildford homelessness project.

He joined the eye clinic at the Royal Surrey Hospital and now assists the medical secretaries by gathering patient notes every morning and afternoon.

They are a very supportive team, and I love working with them, said Mr. Furness-Jones. We laugh a little bit, which is crucial. ".

Even though Mr. Furness-Jones could have retired years ago, he is passionate about the advantages of working for one's mental health and claims that it greatly boosts one's self-esteem.

I am frequently thanked by the doctors and staff, and I am recognized for making a difference in my role, which gives me a great sense of satisfaction, he said.

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