A lawsuit asserts that Olaplex products result in hair loss

Olaplex offers a number of hair products

28 women are suing the well-known haircare company Olaplex, claiming that the company's products are to blame for their hair loss, blisters, and other ailments.

Olaplex's line of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments makes the claim that they can "safely repair broken bonds and rejuvenate hair.".

However, the lawsuit asserts that Olaplex contains dangerous chemicals that made the women's hair and scalps worse.

Olaplex has made test results public, claiming that they demonstrate the products' safety.

According to a statement posted on Instagram, "We are ready to vehemently defend our company, our brand, and our products against these baseless accusations.".

In response to the lawsuit, Olaplex has not ordered the recall of any of its products.

Using patented chemistry, Olaplex asserts that its products, introduced in 2014 in California, are scientifically proven to repair damaged hair.

It is specifically targeted at people who bleach their hair, and while it is widely accessible to the general public, some products are only sold to qualified hair professionals. It is provided as a treatment for people getting their hair colored in a lot of salons all over the world - at an additional cost.

Kim Kardashian and Drew Barrymore are among the celebrities who have endorsed the business, which has experienced enormous success.

The plaintiffs' hair was allegedly left "dry, brittle, frizzy, and dull" according to the lawsuit, which was filed last week in a district court in California.

One woman claimed that her hair split and broke, giving it a "weedwhacker" cut appearance.

The Law Center of Amy E. has made available a number of images of plaintiffs with bald patches that they allege Olaplex caused. Among the attorneys in the case is Davis.

In total, the plaintiffs are requesting $75,000 (£62,200) in damages.

A woman with thinning hair
One of the 28 plaintiffs who alleges hair loss as a result of using Olaplex products.

A further allegation in the lawsuit is that Olaplex products contain lilial and panthenol, chemicals that can cause hair loss and other conditions like "inflamed, blistered, flaking or scaling skin.".

Prior to being banned by the European Union in March 2022 due to its effects on fertility, liaial was once a common fragrance in cosmetics.

Despite Olaplex's claims that it did so "out of an abundance of caution," the lawsuit contends that it is still marketing older products that contain lilial, also known as butylphenyl methylpropional.

The plaintiffs claimed that although they carefully examined all potential contributing factors to the women's hair loss and scalp issues, they came to the conclusion that "the products alone are to blame.".

The claims have been vehemently refuted by Olaplex, which maintains that its products "do not cause hair loss or hair breakage.".

The business stated on its website, with links to several studies from industry standard tests, "Independent third-party laboratory test results show that Olaplex products are safe and effective.".

JuE Wong, the CEO of the business, wrote on Twitter that hair loss was a painful and emotional subject, but that "for our products this is not true."

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