A Sandon postman who had "swallowed a spider" hurried to the hospital

an indoor spider

After allegedly swallowing a spider while dozing off, a postman was taken by ambulance to the hospital with breathing problems.

Chris Cowsley, of Sandon, Hertfordshire, said: "I thought I was going to die. I woke up choking around 03:30 BST on Sunday. ".

When he couldn't breathe, he dialed 999, and the paramedic who arrived in the ambulance told him, "I think you've swallowed a spider," according to Mr. Cowsley.

Before being allowed to return home, he received treatment at Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

"I get up, I try and cough, try and do all sorts - I can't do anything - my breathing's getting more restricted," Mr. Cowsley said after waking up choking.

He said, "I picked up the phone and dialed 999.". "I don't know how the poor woman on the other end of the phone understood what I was saying because I was gagging and gasping for air while I was retching.

The first thing the paramedic said after looking in my mouth and hooking me up to machines was, "I think you've swallowed a spider.

"I thought that was a strange thing to say.

"He mentioned the speed at which it started. You have been sleeping; nothing has been accomplished. It obviously bit your uvula on the way down, he said, adding that. " .

Lister Hospital
Mr. Cowsley was transported to Stevenage's Lister Hospital.

He claimed that after being taken to Lister Hospital in Stevenage, medical staff administered steroids, antibiotics, and a saline drip.

He saw an expert in ears, noses, and throats after waiting for a while.

"He got one of those tiny cameras and stuck it up my nose to double-check that there was nothing else wrong. ".

According to Mr. Cowsley, the doctor told him to go home because his throat was no longer swollen.

He claimed the doctor thought the paramedic was probably right but was unsure of the exact cause of his problems.

He responded, "They did suggest that I might pass it, when asked where the spider might be right now.

"I went out and purchased those bug repellents, and I placed them all over the house. I'm not having that any longer. ".

He expressed his sincere gratitude to everyone who had assisted him.

I think they might have been able to save my life, so I just really wanted to thank the Lister team and the paramedics, he continued.

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