After Covid's three-year closure, a baby is delivered at Macclesfield Hospital

Oakley bebek

A maternity unit has welcomed its first new arrival in three years.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, maternity care was discontinued at the Macclesfield District General Hospital in Cheshire. Expectant mothers were instead transferred to Stockport, Manchester, or Crewe.

After renovations, the unit reopened on Monday, and staff members welcomed the first visitor that afternoon.

Oakley, a baby boy, was born to Stacey and Lewis, who declared themselves "thrilled" that "Macc is back.".

Baby Oakley
At 38 weeks, Oakley was delivered via caesarean section and weighed 7 point 3 pounds.

A week after the unit closed in April 2020, Oakley's older brother, the couple's first child, was delivered via emergency cesarean section at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.

The parents expressed their happiness at having delivered their second child at Macclesfield Hospital.

At 38 weeks, a caesarean section delivered Oakley, who weighed 7 point three pounds.

We have a close relationship with the hospital, so Stacey from Rainow was overjoyed that her second baby boy was born here. ".

Staff at Macclesfield maternity unit
On the day the renovated unit opened, staff welcomed the first visitor.

She continued, "I am beyond happy with the care I have received from the team, and my wonderful birth experience has reassured my local friends who are due to give birth soon.

"We are all thrilled that Macc is back.".

Team at maternity unit celebrate
After being closed for three years, the facility has reopened.

While the unit was closed, midwives either provided care to women who chose to give birth at home or worked at one of the three other hospitals.

The reopening, according to Ged Murphy, chief executive officer of the East Cheshire NHS Trust, is "fantastic for families who access our maternity services and our midwifery and obstetric staff, who have been working at host sites."

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