After decades of employment, Redcar rail ticket seller Linda Green passes away

Lindsey Green

An eminent ticket agent who spent almost 40 years working at the train station in her town has passed away.

After working at Redcar Central since the mid-1980s, 60-year-old Linda Green was dubbed the "face of Redcar.".

The family of the mother of two, a former ticket agent, described her as a "friend to everyone.".

Just a few short weeks before she passed away, she was scheduled to become a grandmother, according to daughter Laura Green, who spoke to the BBC.

She loved the customers and the people; a great many of them turned out to be her friends, according to Ms. Green.

She had friends for everyone, without exception.

Linda at Redcar Central
Mrs. Green was "friend to everyone," according to her family.

Her mother began working for the railroads in Middlesbrough in 1983 before relocating nearer to home a few years later.

She relocated to Redcar Central, where she quickly earned the title of "local legend" for her ability to listen to people as well as sell tickets.

People would actually refuse to purchase tickets from anyone else, even though the other employees were more than capable, according to Ms. Green, saying they would rather wait until Mam returned.

People knew she wasn't there to sell them the priciest ticket and they trusted that she would assist them, which really demonstrates how well-respected she was.

"She was just really, really good at her job. She would walk nervous people through the process.

Linda, along with her friend and manager at the time, Chris Benson
Mrs. Green and Chris Benson, who was also her friend and manager at the time.

Linda, who was married to Mike and had a daughter named Katie Ross, was the daughter of a railroad worker, and according to her family, the profession "was in her blood.".

According to her daughter, Mrs. Green's death from pancreatic cancer was a "shock.".

The family claimed they received hundreds of messages from mourners sharing their memories after she passed away.

She had a strong personality, Ms. Green remarked.

On social media these days, you can find the best and the worst, but there have been hundreds of comments that are all positive.

People have been sharing their memories of the times she helped them; she clearly had a greater impact than we realize.


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