Amputee covers 15 miles on crutches during the Isle of Man Parish Walk

Performing the Parish Walk is Adam Knight

A man whose rare form of cancer required him to have his leg amputated has completed a 15-mile (24-kilometer) run. 1) of the Parish Walk on the Isle of Man using crutches.

More than £6,400 has been raised for the Wooden Spoon Wheelchair Sports Club by Ramsey resident Adam Knight, 43.

The donations, according to Mr. Knight, will help support the club for five years and he was "overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support.".

2010 saw the discovery of spindle cell sarcoma in his left knee.

His knee joint was removed during treatment, and it was later rebuilt, but in July 2022, his left leg had to be amputated due to an infection.

Along with more than 1,100 other participants in the yearly walking challenge, Mr. Knight set out from the National Sports Center at 8:00 BST on Saturday morning.

In just over five hours, he completed the 137-kilometer (85-mile) course's Malew Church checkpoint.

He took off his prosthetic leg, which he said was "unromantically slung in the back of a transit van," after achieving his initial goal of reaching the Santon check point, which is 11 miles (17 point 7 kilometers) into the challenge.

Adam Knight doing the Parish Walk
For the Manx Wheelchair Sports Charity, Mr. Knight has raised more than £6,400.

People who waited in gardens to cheer for Mr. Knight and his wife, who was walking alongside him, and to offer them drinks, he said, had left him speechless.

He claimed that he had also been "blown away" by the generosity of those who donated online, especially a girl who gave her pocket money, but that because of his numb hands, he "couldn't type out thank yous quickly enough.".

Following his amputation, Mr. Knight joined a wheelchair sports club, which he claimed gave him "a boost and a purpose" and improved his mental health "overnight.".

Others will be able to gain from the donations "as I have," he continued.

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