Artist's renderings show a £24 million care hub for Princess Royal Hospital

Hub as depicted by an artist

An artist's rendering of the new hospital care hub, which will cost £24 million when it opens the following year, has been made public.

The hub at the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford will support day cases for operations like breast, general, and ear, nose, and throat surgery.

According to Dr. Steve McKew, it will enable the hospital to handle more day case procedures while cutting down on wait times.

The facility will have four contemporary theaters, fresh recovery areas, and patient consultation pods.

Additionally supporting maxillofacial, gynecological, and orthopaedic operations are the two-story hub.

Artist impression of hub
The new site aims to cut down on day case procedure wait times.

The Princess Royal Hospital's plans also call for the ongoing renovation of its main entrance and the construction of new retail spaces for clients, guests, and employees this winter.

The good news for our patients is that they won't have to wait as long for their procedure because day case procedures will be able to be performed year-round, despite seasonal pressures, according to Dr. McKew.

"We are eagerly anticipating next year's first patient arrivals. ".

The Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust has been contacted to find out why the site's opening has been postponed from its original summer 2023 opening date.

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