Ballymena mother worries about her family's safety in their moldy housing as a social housing resident

In a woman's home in Ballymena, there is mold on a window

Apparently, black mold in her home is endangering the health of her children, according to a woman from County Antrim.

Living in a Ballymena residence owned by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) is a mother of three.

Although she has repeatedly expressed her concerns to NIHE over the past three years, the damp issue is getting worse.

The Housing Executive stated that it was looking into the matter and was "committed to getting the ongoing damp problems resolved" as quickly as possible.

It claimed that so far, work had cost £6,000 and included the installation of new insulation, improved windows, the removal of mold, and the provision of dehumidifiers.

According to the woman, whose identity is being withheld by BBC News Northern Ireland, the mold on her ceiling is the first thing she notices when she wakes up and the last thing she sees before going to bed.

Mould on a window in the woman's home in Ballymena
Some areas of the woman's house, according to her, are "literally crying with condensation.".

The fibromyalgia sufferer claimed that stress was the main cause of her illness.

She admitted to being particularly worried for her son to BBC News NI.

She remarked, "The mold in his room appears faster than I can get rid of it.

He has asthma, which has health implications as well. ".

She said that after learning about the death of a toddler in England who was exposed to mold last year, her concerns grew.

It was terrifying and heartbreaking because I worried that my babies might be experiencing similar circumstances to the one that child was. ".

She continued, "I have informed the Housing Executive, the people I am supposed to inform... to have this problem resolved, but it never does. It is so discouraging.

"I've considered taking my own life because it's so challenging to keep fighting here. ".

Mould on the ceiling of the woman's home in Ballymena
Mold "appears faster than I can get rid of it," the Ballymena mother claimed about the mold in her son's asthmatic bedroom.

The Housing Executive warned tenants in the Mid and East Antrim region in May that there might be some temporary delays in non-emergency repairs.

On April 30, a former contractor for the housing organization ceased operations.

It won't be until September before a new contractor starts working.

Repairs that are urgent or emergency will continue as usual, according to NIHE.

However, the Ballymena mother claimed she lacked hope that the mold issue would be resolved anytime soon.

She said, "I am resigned to the fact that I will have another winter of burning gas just as quickly as I put it in to the meter.

"Condensation is literally streaming down my walls. It's depressing and miserable. ".

A NIHE representative stated that the organization intended to perform "further substantial work to prevent damp and mold in this house.".

This covers roof repair, loft insulation improvement, and damp proofing.

He stated, "It is our intention that this be finished as soon as possible.

Mould on the ceiling of the woman's home in Ballymena
The entire house has issues with moisture.

The spokesman continued, "Our top priority is to proactively make sure that our tenants have warm, dry homes.

"We ask tenants to notify us right away if they suspect dampness or mold in their homes so we can identify the problem and take appropriate action.

We inspect every report of dampness, mold, or condensation as soon as possible because we take this matter seriously, according to a maintenance officer.

The biggest problem in the Ballymena area, according to independent councillor Rodney Quigley, is delays in maintenance and repairs.

People are calling the office every week, he said, and I receive calls every day.

"It will get worse the longer this continues. There is a method for dealing with these problems there, but no one is doing it. ".

In the Ballymena area, he claimed there were more than 50 homes "that can't be rented out due to the maintenance issues.".

This has caused a housing shortage, he continued.

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