Congleton will soon welcome a specialized café that supports veterans

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In Cheshire, a nonprofit organization that helps veterans will launch a café.

According to the Listening Out Loud Foundation, the organization's mission is to support those who have left the military or are nearing the end of their careers.

Learning new skills, like cooking, will be possible at the café in Congleton, close to the Morrisons supermarket.

In order to assist veterans who are experiencing homelessness and mental health problems, a charity was established in the town in 2012.

It claimed that since then, it has assisted nearly 100 veterans in finding housing.

According to foundation representative Andrew Dolman-Bayley, the goal is to interact with veterans and hear about their experiences after leaving the military.

"Wherever it is possible, we also want serving [personnel] to attend, especially those who are nearing the end of their service and can start learning from our struggles after we have left. ".

It follows a Ministry of Defence report from last year that revealed that in the years 2021 to 2022, one in eight members of the armed forces received professional mental healthcare support.

The national nonprofit organization Combat Stress, which supports the mental health of veterans, receives about 15,000 calls per year to its helpline and refers about 2,000 people.

According to Mr. Dolman-Bayley, "We want to create wellness," but he added that their work would not only focus on mental health but also on adjusting to civilian life.

"We can also teach things like healthy eating, new trades, new skills, and cooking to people who want to learn them.

. "

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