Cost of Living: Sales of trainers decline following Covid pandemic spike

Sohal, Sukhvir Singh

Because of celebrity collaborations with brands like Travis Scott, Kanye West, and Jack Harlow, the popularity of trainers has increased over time.

The industry saw tremendous growth as a result of the pandemic, with 2021 sales up £16.6 billion from the prior year.

However, a report on business fashion claims that amount quickly fell to £9.2bn last year.

The Covid lockdown, in the opinion of Sukhvir Singh Sohal, "moved us ten years ahead.".

Six years ago, while working at a call center, he began reselling sneakers—or trainers to most of us—online.

According to him, he earned £300 in just four hours after purchasing this pair of shoes, he recalls to BBC Asian Network.

"I eventually reached a point where I was working on this full-time, and I just stopped. ".

Sukhvir Singh Sohal
Online trainer resale was first conducted by Sukhvir Singh Sohal six years ago.

Following a significant increase in demand during lockdown, Sukhvir opened a sneaker store in Glasgow last summer.

"We were out making deliveries every single day during Covid because all the shops were closed but people still wanted presents," he claims.

Despite the fact that trainer sales seem to be slowing down, Sukhvir still thinks it's a successful industry.

"Despite the trajectory's downward trend, it will eventually level out. I nonetheless believe that there is a lot of money to be made in the game. ".

The industry experienced hypergrowth in 2021, which was an atypically prosperous year, according to a report by Euromonitor.

According to Susannah Davda, a shoe expert, comfort was becoming a bigger priority for people.

People were still considering really wanting to be quite relaxed but they also really felt the urge to spend, she says, adding that fashion had moved very much to the casual side of things during the lockdown period.

But according to her, that priority has changed as the world has begun to slowly revert to pre-Covid times.

"There's now a bit less of a reliance on sneakers and open mindedness to other looks. ".

Kamran Ali Shah
The best time to purchase new trainers, according to Kamran Ali Shah, is right now.

The cost-of-living crisis, according to sneakerheads on the high street, is causing them to slow down their purchasing.

Arabel told Asian Network she spent a lot of money on shoes during lockdown because she had nothing else to do.

The 19-year-old says she now has to be "wise by how much [she's] spending and because of the cost of living [she] can't spend recklessly".

Kamran Ali Shah, 18, says he's noticed sneaker sales "have slowly dropped because [his] friends are buying less".

However, he's making the most of this downturn in sales.

"The more people who buy it, the higher the price is.  But when it goes down that's the best time to buy it. ".

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