Employee of Airedale Hospital competing in national NHS photo contest

Anisha Javaid, a medical assistant, stands with Deb Helliwell and Paul Dearden, paramedics

A healthcare professional from a hospital in West Yorkshire has made the finalist list for a national photography contest honoring the NHS' 75th anniversary.

Amina Abu El Hawa submitted a picture of the emergency room staff at Airedale Hospital taken during the pandemic.

She expressed her "extreme excitement" at being included on the list of 75 finalists.

Other selected images show a patient playing the violin while undergoing brain surgery and Britain's oldest volunteer, who is 102 years old.  .

The public will be able to view the 75 selected photos at an exhibition in London that debuts on Wednesday and marks the establishment of the NHS seventy-five years ago.

Anisha Javaid, a health support worker at the trust where she works, was captured by Ms. Abu El Hawa with paramedics Paul Dearden and Deb Helliwell.

She claimed that the picture perfectly encapsulated "the bond we have with our ambulance service colleagues.".

"We have so many experiences together, cry, laugh, and support one another all the time. I think this picture perfectly captures our relationship," she said.

"I am overjoyed to have been selected for the short list, especially after seeing some of the entries. They are incredible.

"I'm very happy that my photo is included in the exhibition and that I was able to get this far. ".

The finalists have been invited to a special ceremony on Tuesday where the winners of the competition's five categories will be declared.

The five winning images will also be on display the following day at a Westminster Abbey service celebrating the NHS's 75th anniversary.

One of the six competition judges, Chief Nursing Officer for England Dame Ruth May, said: "We were amazed at the quality of photographs submitted to the competition - it's incredible to see how entrants have documented life in the NHS.  .

"It's a really fitting way to mark 75 years of the NHS because the compassion, ingenuity, camaraderie, good times, and when it gets tough - it's all captured throughout the five categories.

. "

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