Following a £500,000 renovation, Royal Surrey Hospital opens a new cardiac lab

Hospital Royal Surrey County in Guildford

After a £500k renovation, a hospital now has a cutting-edge cardiac laboratory.

The Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust claimed that its brand-new Cardiac Catheter Laboratory used technology that was unique to the UK.

The "cath lab," as it was referred to, was a specialized X-ray room where heart conditions could be identified and treated.

The investment, according to the trust, will guarantee that Guildford and Waverley continue to offer high-quality cardiac care.

It stated that over 4,500 patients would undergo planned and emergency procedures in the lab annually.

These would entail the implantation of medical devices that treat people with irregular heart rhythms, such as pacemakers and implantable cardiovascular defibrillators.

The lab was temporarily located inside one of the trust's main operating rooms during the 12-week renovation.

The facility, according to Trust CEO Louise Stead, "will enhance the high level of specialized care we can provide."

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