Following a breast cancer operation, the Duchess of York is recovering

Sara Ferguson

The Duchess of York is recovering at home with her family following surgery after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, according to her spokesman.

After receiving the results of a routine mammogram, Sarah Ferguson, 63, who was once married to Prince Andrew, was informed.

Her spokesman stated: "She was informed she needed to have surgery, which was successful. ".

He continued, "Her doctors have told her the prognosis is good.".

She was "receiving the best medical care," according to the spokesman. recuperating now at home with her family.

The duchess was said to be "immensely grateful to all the medical staff who have supported her in recent days," according to him.

She had not experienced any symptoms prior to the screening, and according to the statement, she "believes that her experience highlights the importance of routine screening.".

Despite their 1996 divorce following a ten-year marriage, the duchess and Prince Andrew are still close.

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