Free pediatric doctor visits have begun

In their exam room, a doctor is taking a patient's blood pressure

A program that provides free appointments for kids visiting GPs in Jersey has started.

Children would be given free in-person and phone consultations with GPs, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, and health care assistants, according to the government.

The services will be offered without charge beginning in December 2022, and the States Assembly confirmed that the Health Insurance Fund for Children and Young People will pay for them.

It claimed that the program came after a £20 fee reduction for all in-person doctor visits in June.

Elaine Millar, Deputy Minister for Social Security, stated that it would "improve access to primary healthcare services and invest in the health and wellbeing of islanders.".

Young people would be able to access services "without worrying about fees," according to the Primary Care Body, which represents Jersey GPs.

"With this shared commitment, we can continue to offer top-notch family medicine while breaking down barriers.

. "

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