Hearing from those who have son's organs gives comfort to a Coventry mum

Alexander Wilson

Letters of gratitude from people whose lives were saved by the man's donated organs have been sent to the family of a man killed in a hit-and-run accident, according to the family.

Aaron Wilson, 29, had his leg amputated as a result of the Coventry crash, but he later passed away in the hospital. .

According to his family, the father of one's heart, liver, and lungs were among the organs given to other patients.

Three of the recipients, according to his mother Irene Wilson, have written to her.

Mrs. Wilson recalled receiving a call informing her that her son had been in an accident in 2019, which took place close to a chip shop on Longford Road.

He didn't have any marks on him from the waist up, she said, "but his two legs had been crushed.".

Friend Nicola Good added, "We were expecting an amputee patient, but that's not what happened.

Knowing he wouldn't live when we entered the ward made that day among the saddest of my life, according to me. " .

Mr. Wilson, a resident of the city's Willenhall district, left behind his wife Katie and their daughter, who was three years old at the time. .

Aaron Wilson
As a "superhero," Aaron Wilson was referred to.

His mother stated that hospital staff brought up the subject of organ donation, and that she and Katie immediately responded in the affirmative because they knew that Aaron would have approved. ".

"There were six ambulances in position," Ms. Good said. "They were all from various transplant teams across the nation, and each ambulance was for an organ. ".

Recently, some recipients have gotten in touch with the family.

Aaron Wilson and family
In relation to the passing of Mr. Wilson, four people have been charged.

One of them writes in a letter about having just earned a nursing degree.

She wrote, "My transplant has been amazing. I don't know if i would have done it without it.". .

Mrs. Wilson reported that she had also spoken to a man who had been given her son's heart.

She said, "[Getting the messages is] just so lovely. .

You can take some solace in the knowledge that someone else is living because of Aaron. " .

Because AW6 was a superhero, according to Ms. Good, family members all have AW6 tattoos that coordinate and feature a Marvel Avengers symbol.

He was our hero, and we think of him in that way, she continued.

Four people are expected to appear in court on May 30 at Coventry Crown Court on charges related to the death.

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