Heroes of the Liverpool NHS pandemic were honored with artwork

Team Time Storytelling, a painting in the emergency room of Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Covid Pandemic, 2020

A group portrait honoring the staff who battled the Covid-19 pandemic on the front lines has been given to a hospital by Tate Liverpool.

For the piece for Alder Hey Children's Hospital, the gallery hired New York-based artist Aliza Nisenbaum.

It was a "stunning" tribute, according to CEO Louise Shepherd.

Some of the employees depicted in the painting were present when it was first presented.

At the Tate two years ago, the painting, which was created at the height of the pandemic, was on display alongside other portraits from that era.

As a "rare example of an artwork from the national collection on view to the public in a non-arts setting," Tate director Helen Legg said the museum was "proud" to unveil the painting.

"Everyone who saw it was moved by Aliza's image of NHS frontline workers during the pandemic," she said.

As our NHS commemorates its 75th birthday, seeing it on display once more is a tribute to those who look out for us and a recognition of the importance of the system. ".

Along with employees who work in administration, the job includes nurses, porters, and doctors.

In order to create the final drawing, Nisenbaum asked each participant to create a drawing about their experiences in the workplace during the pandemic.

All of her subjects at the time were under lockdown restrictions, so she painted them using photographs and Zoom.

Nisenbaum has produced artwork for the London Underground as well as solo exhibitions in New York, group installations in South Korea, Los Angeles, and Paris, France, and other locations.

The official unveiling, according to Ms. Shepherd, is a "huge honor" and "testament to the fantastic support Tate Liverpool has given to our arts for health program for 20 years."

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