Hundreds demonstrate against cuts at South West Acute Hospital

Outside the Enniskillen Town Hall, protesters

A demonstration against service cuts at the South West Acute Hospital (SWAH) was attended by several hundred people outside of Enniskillen Town Hall.

In November of last year, the hospital temporarily stopped performing emergency general surgery.

A special council meeting was to be followed by the rally. The location, according to campaigners, makes SWAH a special case.

The suspension, according to the Western Trust, was required to ensure the public's safety following problems with employee recruitment.

A public consultation on the plan was opened last month.

At the meeting, council members heard from the advocacy group Save our Acute Services.

The group's chairman Reggie Ferguson stated that he was there to save the "magnificent" SWAH and that he was "tired of listening to this doom and gloom about how difficult it is to work there at the moment.".

A staff member should "feel proud" to work for the SWAH, he continued.

Attending the demonstration, Fr. Brian D'Arcy urged the crowd to "fight together" for the "futures" of our children.

Protesters outside Enniskillen Town Hall
The protest in front of Enniskillen town hall drew hundreds of participants.

Who will travel to Fermanagh for vacations if there isn't a hospital, Fr. D'Arcy questioned the audience, as well as whether businesses would establish themselves there.

Arguments for why emergency general surgery should continue were presented at the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council meeting.

The campaign group informed the council that they think emergency surgery at SWAH can be prevented.

A map of other hospitals
Emergency general surgery will necessitate patients traveling to other hospitals.

Patients who suffer from conditions like severe abdominal pain, infections, bleeding, or trauma are treated in emergency general surgery.

It entails procedures like the removal of a patient's gall bladder, appendix, or a portion of the bowel.

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