Husband of pandemic death nurse says she loved to care

Leilani Medel

A nurse's husband testified at her inquest that she "loved to care for people" before she passed away from the Covid pandemic.

As Leilani Medel's inquest got underway, Johnny Medel paid tribute to his 41-year-old wife.

She contracted Covid while working as a nurse in a number of care facilities throughout south Wales.

She was a devoted wife and mother to their daughter, according to Mr. Medel, who testified at the Pontypridd coroner's court hearing.

She was the primary earner for the family and was from Santiago in the Philippines.

Medel claimed she cherished her work.

Apart from her beauty, Mr. Medel said, "What I liked about Leilani was her innocence and sincerity.".

"She would be sincere when showing someone care.

She primarily assisted the elderly, and I could tell that she loved what she did.

"I was incredibly proud of her and her accomplishments. ”.

He claimed that they were happy and looking forward to the future.

On March 31, 2020, Ms. Medel was admitted with a high fever to Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend.

Although she was ventilated, her health eventually declined, and on April 31 she passed away.

Leilani was our source of happiness, so I can't understand why it had to end, said Mr. Medel.

"I hope she will be regarded as a nurse who cherished providing care for people. ”.

The investigation goes on.


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